Weather Forecast

On Saturday it will be partly cloudy with a high of 87 °F. A gentle breeze will blow from northwest.
On Sunday it will rain heavily with a high of 90 °F. A light breeze will blow from the west.
On Monday there will be a few clouds with a high of 79 °F. A moderate breeze will blow from southwest.
Sat Sun Mon
Highest 93 °F 90 °F 79 °F
Lowest 67 °F 75 °F 70 °F
69 °F
4.3 mm

mostly cloudy
75 °F

mostly cloudy
70 °F
mostly cloudy
87 °F

heavy rain
90 °F
6.2 mm

slightly cloudy
79 °F
0.2 mm
mostly cloudy
89 °F

slightly rainy
78 °F
1.9 mm

mostly cloudy
73 °F
Sunrise 5:39 am 5:40 am 5:41 am
Sunset 7:59 pm 7:58 pm 7:57 pm
Current conditions

slightly cloudy
77 °F
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